2 Apr 2012

"Corsets & Lingerie"

I know I've been terrible at blogging recently!
I've been so busy! I did, however, manage to visit a
museum in Leicester that had an amazing lingerie and corsetry section.
Here are some of my pictures:

 This 1890's corset named "The Pretty Corset" was the cheapest corset
you could buy at the time. Isn't it stunning compared to the cheap corsets you
can buy now?! So much attention to detail. Below shows the gorgeous
blue flossing used to hold the boning in place. This corset (and the ventilated corset below)
were designed for the domestic work maids.

This corset is a "ventilated corset" designed to prevent the work maid
from becoming too hot.



  1. Awesome pictures. Very interesting. I don't know how anyone could work in a corset like in the first picture.
    Interesting post! Thank you for sharing.