6 Feb 2012

"Les Jupons De Tess"

Say hello to my new favourite brand!!!
I really am someone who loves attention to detail
and this brand does exactly that!! Diamante bra straps,
pretty lace detailing and beautiful little fascinators!
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 Whoever knew white stilettos could look so sexy?!
 I absolutely love the triangle bra above. It's so effortless
but so pretty

Sparkles! As if I wasn't already in love with this brand enough
you can imagine my reaction when I see sparkly suspenders!!
And I think I may of finally found an alternative for those awful "stick on bras"
when wearing backless clothes...  why not show off a Swarovski Crystal encrusted
bra back? It's gorgeous! I'd feel so glamorous wearing it even if it wasn't
on show!
How I haven't come across this French brand before is beyond me.
Caroline Tannous (the designer) designed the collection to reflect
the glamor and elegance of the 18th Century women.
I personally don't think it could be more perfect! It's
the kind of lingerie you'd want to spend hours getting ready
in and the kind that gives you that extra confidence boost when
you know it's beneath your clothes.

To add more excitement to my day both Les Jupons De Tess
 and LJT (its more affordable sister label for a
younger audience) will be debuting in the UK this month
at Moda.

Les Jupons De Tess and LJT spring/summer 2012


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